The “Internet of Things” is poised for a dramatic growth, some studies even show that it may be as high as 40%. Rather than an afterthought, we like to apply technology in our buildings in the design phase process. Our highly specialized tech designers strategically plan and design tech. ideals so that we can include, plan and design around, our building design. With the capability of writing our own apps, design and developing systems, we’re limited only by our imagination and current technological abilities.

User Oriented Amenities: The entertainment and hospitality as well any other sectors can benefit from user oriented amenities to enhance personal experience. Whether they carry around a device, fitted on a wristband, download an app, or voice activated, all the amenities can be customized to their personal tastes and the controls are within their reach. We are currently designing a boutique hotel with the idea of a “digital concierge/butler” wristbands to cater to user’s needs. In addition, interactive kiosks and immersive experience areas are designed to for convenience, information, and the cool experience factor. Retailers and offices can provide experiences that online commerce cannot provide, a tangible experience that can appeal to the senses.

Smart Technology & Automation: Whether at home or in an office, restaurant, commercial building, hotels or pretty anywhere; we can design sensors, cameras, monitoring, equipment monitoring, security, energy consumption devices, entertainment, lighting and ambiance devices to enhance the user’s personal environment to control comfort, entertainment, ambiance and amenities. The technology can be especially useful for disabled and elderly persons or any persons that needs extra monitoring. Convenience can be within their reach, windows, doors, cabinets can be open without strength or medicines can be dispensed accordingly at prescribed times. People that have pets can ensure that they can be monitored, fed, etc.

DK|DCS can design and manufacture sensors, cameras and devices to be integrated into buildings for enhanced security, self monitoring and energy consumption monitoring. Sensors for thermal transfer, fresh air venting, and energy consumption self assessing systems that can evaluate energy usage and reacts to it by moving mechanized blades, AC damper to re-direct air, close blinds or curtains as needed, HVAC can be shut off if it senses that the exterior air is sufficient enough to passively cool down the area. Testing equipment can monitor and alert you when something is unusual, or sensors can be install for water leakage. Everything would be centrally hubbed and can be reached by a personal smart device or tablet, console, voice activated or manual input. A securitized device such as capturing finger prints, voice recognition, eye scans or facial recognition can enhance security of those systems.