DK|DCS : Firm Profile

David Ke | Design Collaborative Studio, Inc. (or DK|DCS,) is a “process and technologically oriented,”  architecture practice. DK|DCS, Inc. is a certified Small Business Entity with documentation with the State of California, General Services Division.  We collaborate a specialized team of Architects, Technologist, Landscape Architects, Planners, and Engineers that can be fitted appropriately into design teams depending on project parameters.  They are led by David Ke, a licensed Architect with over 20 years of experience in the real estate development arena. DK|DCS, Inc. was established in 2006 and has enjoyed servicing clients in the corporate, retail, public agencies, entertainment, land developers and hospitality sectors.

We utilize the latest land and population data driven technology to gather land data and mapping to assist our clients with making better decisions, maximizing potential land use by; gathering location and land data through the usage of various technological tools, analyzing existing information to understand the land, identification of crucial nodal points and areas of unique interests, data driven analysis to identify patterns and trends to make better and informed decisions. DK|DCS uses analytic tools to help map all data thereby compositing and producing a graphically, visually rich studies and presentations to important shareholders, reports, and agencies, etc.

In addition, we are excited to have a technology division within our design team that has the capacity of incorporating the  “Internet of all Things.”  With the current generation lifestyles and predictively future generations, DK|DCS has evolved the capability of fully customizing, development and manufacture of software, hardwares, sensors, cameras, devices, apps to make buildings or structures to be more “smarter” with technology for energy efficiency, self monitoring, state of the art security and providing services for its maintenance. Furthermore, we can practically come up with just about any imaginative technological ideals such as installing an immersive environment, cool hospitality amenities, interactive amenities, making the buildings, structures or outside areas more dynamic.

David Ke | Design Collaborative Studio, Inc.

NAICS# 541310   |   Dunn Cage # 039498040  |   Small Business Certified by DGS ID# 2003396