Land Development

Information is important and crucial. Project Due Diligence for land development has gotten very technologically advanced and constantly evolving. With more and better information, developers can make more informed decisions on: budget, envisioning, cater to needs of the community, maximizing project development to ensure that no money is left on the table, determine and enhance areas of interest, determine access and quantify the land to be efficient for masterplanning and site planning. DK|DCS utilizes and takes advantage of various mapping, location data instruments and geographical information systems to compile land, population information and data and converts to a medium that can be more easily understood and absorbed. The research and studies can then be inserted into masterplanning, or specific planning reports. The information can be graphically represented and presented in a graphically rich visual mapping media, graphs, charts and digital renders. Presentations can be used to woo investors, gain public excitement or gain shareholder approvals which are all important ingredients for the project to move forward.

For existing buildings, exterior and interior inventory data and measuring is extensive, cumbersome, and time consuming that it often reflected with higher costs. Many times there is no as-builts to refer to. In cases for rehab, infill, re-use projects; DK|DCS prefers to use technological devices such as the laser air pointing systems that can ensure more accurate measurements, has high fidelity to be easily translate by other applications and cross platform accessibility.