Planning is a complex process which require coordination with regulating agencies and collaboration with various specialists, engineers, consultants within the design team. How DK|DCS form and collaborate with design team is assessed and defined by the project parameters, the complexities and special or specific needs of each land. Every land and development are unique.

Land planning is an early process in which the design and engineering team would research, analyze and evaluate the uses of the land and the best way to maximize its use and layout. Quantifying the land is a systematic and methodical approach to identifying the physical attributes of the property as well as the elements of the surrounding elements of the surrounding contexts. In addition, planning is layered with various national, state, county, city titles/ codes, ordinances, masterplan elements, development overlays, environmental impacts, economic development plans, and local design guidelines that must be navigated and addressed.

In short, DK|DCS forms specialized teams to:

-Compile, analyze and assess land data using the latest technology for better evaluation to inform a better decision;

-Translate data into mapping and graphically enriched studies and presentations as a communication and engagement tool for the shareholders, investors, and governmental agencies so that the complexities are better understood and absorbed;

-Planning Development: Pre-design services -conceptual design, project programming, site planning;

-Masterplan, specific plans, building masterplanning and programming;