Real Estate Land Development

Land development can be a monstrous task. Understanding the processes involved requires professional involvement. DK|DCS collaborates to:

Due diligence: Getting intimate with the land requires acquiring land data. We use the latest technology and tools to itemize and assess the physical elements, terrain and various attributes;

Plan development code and masterplan compliance- Research and study as part of the due diligence- land-use, zoning requirements, easements, setbacks, height requirements, critical dimensions, planning ordinances, Dept. of Fire issues, Dept of Health and Safety requirements.

Collaboration and coordination with engineering design team members for mapping, infra-structure, swppp plans, utilities, parcel and tract mapping to ensure cohesiveness with the overall vision of the development;

Site planning, programming and design

Specific plans for overlay areas, or areas in City Economic Development program;

Vision and concept development of the bigger picture of the development;

Architectural Pre-Design Services: building masterplan, building concept development, architectural programming.