David Ke | Design Collaborative Studio is an “Architectural Technological” oriented firm embracing the practice of integrating technology to the design of buildings in the schematic design process phase. In fact, DK|DCS likes to set themselves apart from other practices as we have a specialized technology engineer in our design team. With much excitement, DK|DCS has the capability to write our own codes to customize algorithms, develop customized apps., design our own sensors, hardwares/devices, testing and self-monitoring equipment, as well as the ability to manufacturing them.

Our architectural technology services falls into several categories: Architecture & Design, Land Development and Digital World:

Architecture and Design is a building technology service where we incorporate technology in the buildings in our design process.

Land Development technology is a due diligence instrument utilizing mapping, geographical information systems and various land and location data systems to compile information. As developers rely on information, we can gain an edge with more information to make more informed decisions with visioning, budgeting purposes, masterplanning and site development.

Digital World is a service that we provide to immerse our clients and future users in the Virtual world. For example, DK|DCS is designing 250 predesigned semi-customized luxury homes, with a only a few model homes that will be actually built on site. Since all the homes are separately designed to be fitted in the lots that have various attributes, DK|DCS decided to present potential home buyers with a professional architectural model as well as fitting the VR headgears to walk thru a particular home at its particular location. The walk through is developed by gaming engines that will allow them to be fully immersed into the virtual model, in it they can also customize options, colors, finishes and amenities with a touch of a button. At the end of the tour, they can walk out with an animated video of the tour along with the options they chose and the summary of all the amenities on a flash drive. DK|DCS is also utilizing this technology for a boutique hotel, winery, clubhouse and recreational facility that is currently on the board to design.