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An expressive design in the built environment is integral to our being- In its’ very essence, a fabric that is interwoven with our thoughts, ideas, and  imagination.

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David Ke | Design Collaborative Studio ( DK|DCS) is about Design Excellence.

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DK|DCS is a full service architectural design practice offering expertise in:

  • Architecture
  • Architectural Technology
  • Entitlements
  • Master Planning : Planning
  • Land Development Services
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We have a “process oriented” methodology.  Beginning with data gathering, studies, analytics, land information/ data, and project parameters; we would then compile and organize all the data to format and prepare a program. The programming then becomes the project design guideline and planning approach into which we would begin to formulate and explore the overall concept and visioning.  Ideas and design concepts would be explored, studied and be further refined as ideas are shared at each stage.  Collaboration and coordination with the design team, specialist, shareholders, clients, and jurisdictional agencies are key to building consensus before proceeding to each design phase.

DK|DCS approaches every project with a “big picture” mentality, defining its’ constraints & opportunities, making important connections with its’ context and refine it’s physical form that brings value to its’ surroundings.