Digital World

DK|DCS has been intrigued by the technological advances of Virtual Reality, the computing power, connectivity, video processing, animating and awesome gaming engines. The opportunity for users, potential buyers to experience and interact with the design before the building is constructed allows the users to experience it, pick options and allows us to design them in. Computer renders are great to show how the design will look and allows for options as well before committing to invest in the project or home. However, a virtual reality tour does all that with another dimension to it. It allows the users or potential buyers to also experience and engage with it emotionally to the unbuilt project.

A digital hack with reality. One day, we’ll all meet and hang out with families and friends in a virtual reality cafe in our digital avatars while we are in the comfort of our own homes. If you want to live a dream, VR is essentially it. As Architects in the real world and not a matrix, we love for technology to make our real world more accommodating with conveniences, experiences and make our tasks more efficient. VR is a great tool for marketing projects.